I love to create. The magic begins when my hands are moving, my mind is engaged and my spirit is wide open. A door is opened and I become the observer of a loving whispered conversation between my heart and the canvas or the clay. When I am creating an image of a landscape or individual, the voice of its spirit is added to the discussion.

I've discovered my work becomes a conduit for others as well. Hearing the same beautiful story so often, I've stopped keeping track of the times when a viewer tells me they can hear their loved one speaking through the paint or feel their soul enjoyed a dialog with the Divine while they looked at my work. Anita Miller

I became a certified hypnotherapist in order to better facilitate the dialog between the seen and the unseen. Sometimes this happens most effectively through art, other times through the imagination in a heightened state of awareness. It is a joy and privilege now to assist others in deepening their personal conversation with their soul through art or in guided meditation.

My work is created with a spiritual intent. Each one of us carries our own unique God of our Understanding in our hearts,  we all bring to the work our own history and faith path. My art is not an attempt to stand on a soapbox and declare my version of truth, but rather to open a door to the nature of our own personal spiritual reality in order to allow for the viewer to deepen their own understanding. I trust in the sovereignty of the individual soul to find its greatest truth and if my work can facilitate that conversation, I have accomplished my mission. In Peace,
Anita Miller