Current Commissions

  1. Stations of the Cross sculpture for Monasterio de Tarlac, Philippines.
  2. After meeting landscape architect, Bob Stovicek in Gambier at his beautifully designed Schnormeier Gardens, I was requested to partner with him to create the Stations of the Cross for an installation on the side of the mountain at the Monasterio de Tarlac in the Philippines. It is an honor and privilege to begin work on sculpting the passion of Christ as depicted through the Stations. Here is a video which describes our vision and hopes. The first challenge is to create Christ's face knowing that the pilgrims visiting will be an international audience. Prayers are humbly requested as I work on this amazing project.

  3. Warrior Reborn to honor those military lost from suicide or PTSD I am working on a life sized bronze warrior turning with his first glimpse of the light, having left the battle gear and wounds behind him. I created The Eyes of Freedom, Lima Company Memorial at first for the families of the fallen. Since I have come to have a heart for those whose sons and daughters give their lives in service to our country, I am drawn to those families who have lost their loved ones as a result of suicide from post traumatic stress (PTS). The loss to our nation is staggering. Please support us as we work towards the hope of healing these invisible wounds of war. This work will travel with the Eyes of Freedom throughout the United States.